Asshole Hall of Fame

Inductees Number 3-53: The 51 Senators Who Voted Yes

Popping in here quickly to add a whopping FIFTY-ONE adult humans to the Asshole Hall of Fame. While you were sleeping last night, these folks chose to vote yes on a tax bill that hadn’t been fully written yet. A tax bill that, among other things, prevent teachers from deducting the cost of any school supplies they might need to buy (because we grossly underfund our public schools) while ensuring that if you own a private yet, you can totes deduct that cost.

These folks are assholes. Many of them are spineless, some of them are monsters. All are craven.

I fully accept and understand that people will differ on issues of policy and economics. I tend to believe my opinions are based on facts (otherwise I wouldn’t hold them), but so do people who believe literally the opposite of what I believe.

But there’s a difference between, say, disagreeing about whether we should set the top income tax rate at 35% or 40%, and including things like opening up the Arctic National Wildfire Refuge to drilling in a tax bill.  And the fact that these issues were not debated in any meaningful way, that the senators were not even given the opportunity to READ THE BILL before voting is an embarrassment to the idea of democracy.

Every single one of the below Senators should feel utterly ashamed. Especially the ones who claim often to be willing to stand up to the current President (*cough* Senator McCain, Senator Collins *cough*).

Shout out to Senator Corker, the only Republican to vote against this piece of trash. I doubt he and I agree on most things, but this was the very least he could do, and he managed to actually do it.

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