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Confronting a Colleague (At Your Child’s School)

There is a girl in my daughter’s 1st class, let’s call her Jane. We’ve had some issues with Jane making other kids feel less than. She puts them on ‘good lists’ and ‘bad lists.’ She calls out other’s flaws like speech impediments and slowing running. There are often tears. She is a bully. None of… Continue reading Confronting a Colleague (At Your Child’s School)

Asshole Hall of Fame

Inductee Fifty-Five: Jeff Bezos

Today’s inductee shouldn’t surprise anyone; he’s been on the list since the beginning. But recent comments — coupled with recent action — have him jumping the queue and shooting straight to the front of the line. I’m talking, of course, about Amazon founder, Washington Post owner, and newly HNTBAJW-certified asshole Jeff Bezos. First, full disclosure:… Continue reading Inductee Fifty-Five: Jeff Bezos