Holiday Round-Up

With US Thanksgiving coming up this week, and Christmas and New Year events following soon after, I thought I’ll pull together a compilation of some of the questions I’ve received and essays I’ve written to help you navigate times when you (or, let’s be real, your extended family) might be acting like a bit of a jerk.

If you’ve been invited to an event, check out this and this about RSVP etiquette.

If you’re opening up your home, whether overnight or as part of the meal, these tips might help.

For many of us, holidays involve travel. If you’re staying at a hotel, perhaps review this; if you’re staying with friends, this is more appropriate.

And if you are about to get on a plane, whether you are traveling with a child or not, read this.

Family and Friends
Okay, we all know this might be the first time you’re seeing some extended family or friends since the blue wave. If you think you’ll encounter a racist relative, review this. If they’re transphobic, this is for you. If you’re a parent and worry about the unsolicited advice you’re going to get, read this.

If you’re worried about being around the family or friends of others who you really don’t like, or who don’t like you, those links might help.

If things are going great in your life and you’re worried about how that will come across, never fear! I’ve got you covered.

When you go shop for presents, remember to not be a jerk to the staff. And finally, if your holidays involve gift exchange, remember to send a thank you note.


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